venerdì 16 novembre 2018


Translated by Andreea Ene


Do you feel that tear?
Why would you,when you believe
the way you think is the only right way?
But yet, you don't follow your lead.
You preach it, sometimes,
though never entirely because you are afraid
of being honest with yourself.

Can you feel that pain? 
Lack of courage I would call it,
when you're about to listen 
inside of your own packing
and you're afraid 
the voice that's shouting inside your head
might be real:
"Are you a Judas with yourself?"

Can you feel the failure 
when you're wondering
"What is a human being?"

Can you feel the cold
when you reject the blessing
of being able of thinking?

What is love for you
the right neurone
which connects you 
to the others?
What is love for you
the right neurone
which connects you 
to the others?

because this is what you are:
A coward

With your weak way 
of deeply hiding,
for then complaining around 
intent on finding your own world.

You're afraid of harming people 
and this how you actually harm them,
by your arrogance.

You're afraid of harming
and this is how you actually harm yourself,
by being dishonest.

How useless would it be
to tell you :
"Gather your strength 
And deal with your fears!"

How healthy would it be 
if you'd accept the pain,
yours and others pain,
by living a real life?

Unfortunately you...
you are only 
and nothing else, 
but a COWARD.

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